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I hired Catalina for my business during a really challenging time to help us with some business and marketing strategy as well as to re-design our clunky website. From the moment I met Catalina on our first zoom call there was a great connection. She is down to earth, authentic and straight to the point. She was able to access the needs of the business and hit the nail on the head of what we needed to grow and succeed, even when I couldn't quite see myself yet. Catalina works quickly and with precision to identify issues and help to create solutions.

Margot Broom, Breathing Room

I've been blown away by her thoughtfulness to each project as well as her dedicated work ethic. I can tell that she wants me/my studio to succeed. So very grateful to have found her.

Melissa Williams, Yoga Junction

I decided to try Telomere out with a small pilot Marketing project thinking I might work with Catalina on a project by project basis. Often without having to even communicate it Catalina totally gets my business and my vision and is able to implement projects with consistent efficiency.  She is both creative and extremely organized and really easy to work with.  As a small business owner I have tried many different consulting services and Telomere is by far the one that has worked the most in continuing providing ROI and moving the dial forward.

Keri O'Meara, MuseMovement

I have worked with Catalina on a number of projects and she has always approached our work together with great professionalism and a solution-based, constructive and fun attitude. She is an invaluable guide as you navigate and track how to build your wellness business. I find myself going back time and time again for her advice as I scale my business. From the very start, I have been committed to building my business in a mindful way and with intention. Catalina immediately understood where I was coming from and met me where I was at, she listened, digested and assessed what my business needed.

Nora Logan, Nora Logan




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Catalina standardized our communications processes with newsletters and marketing campaigns. Cat project managed the re-brand and re-design of our website, coordinating everything from the video and photo content to ensuring that the customer journey is as streamlined and clear as possible throughout. Once complete, she introduced digital marketing by way of Google Ads & SEO, which helped our numbers as they were implemented in conjunction with a slicker website. Catalina was able to simplify the complex and guide us through streamlines processes for desired results. 

Elissa El Hadj, FORM Studios

I worked with Catalina to get my new online fitness platform up and running. Starting your own business can be super stressful, but having Catalina there, with her confidence and skills made the world of a difference. I wish I could work with Catalina on everything I do going forward with my business. Thanks again for everything!

Andrea Barber, A Few Fun Moves

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