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A few kind words

Catalina was able to access the needs of my business and hit the nail on the head re what we needed to grow and succeed, even when I couldn't quite yet see it myself. 

Margot Broom, Breathing Room

I've been blown away by her thoughtfulness to each project as well as her dedicated work ethic. I can tell that she wants me/my studio to succeed. So very grateful to have found her.

Melissa Williams, Yoga Junction

We hired Catalina to help us with our Sales & Marketing, which she addressed by standardizing our communications processes with newsletters and marketing campaigns and introducing various promotions and offers.

Elissa El Hadj, FORM Studios

Starting your own business can be super stressful, but having Catalina there made the world of a difference. I wish I could work with Catalina on everything I do going forward.

Andrea Barber, A Few Fun Moves

Some of our clients

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We love and appreciate you so much!

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