Providing strategic advice across the wellness industry.

Signature Projects

Telomere's signature projects have helped studios create immediate success. By working together we can provide the value you need to get you closer to achieving your goals.

Business Review

Use data to make the right decisions.


A report on studio performance including:

  • YoY sales & attendance trends

  • Client conversion ratios

  • Retention and acquisition rates

  • Solutions to drive improvement

  • Industry statistics for bench-marking

Website Design

Make those first impression seconds count.


  • Optimize the user experience

  • Align website to your business

  • Solutions to increase website traffic

  • Tracking marketing spend ROI 

  • Full website re-design & re-brand

  • Top developers on hand

Sales Process Optimization

Create the pricing model that works for you and your clientele.

  • Fail-proof pricing model 

  • Customer journey design

  • Step-by-step sales process

  • Online and in-studio mktng material

  • Front Desk and Instructor sales training 

  • Onboarding material for new staff

Sales and Marketing 

A solid foundation for healthy growth.

  • Strategy sessions

  • Retention & acquisition analysis

  • Marketing & Communications plan

  • Sales Process tailored to customer journey

  • Support with creation and execution

  • Measure, track and tweak for success 

Going Digital

Grow your online presence.


  • Launch an iOS app

  • Launch and web-based platform

  • On-demand and live streaming

  • Strategies to create and grow 

  • Membership perks for retention

  • Branded small equipment for workouts

Email/Text Automation 

Increase your retention with seamless communication that will keep your clients wanting more.


  • Set up all automated retention tools 

  • Full communications framework

  • Acquisition: new client sales funnel

  • Retention: content creation 

  • Copywrite and design e-mails and texts

  • Including multi segment build out

Monthly Consulting

Studies have shown us that most studios take 3-6 months to see real changes in revenue streams. Embrace a process designed to transform your studio from the inside out to ensure long-term success. 


The chance to get a sense of success.

  • 1hr meeting to recap your story, your goals and current challenges

  • A detailed action plan

  • Recommendations based on key business metrics including revenue, recurring revenue, marketing, retention, pricing and sales process. 

The Monthly

An interactive approach to growing your business and supporting your goals.

  • Services tailored to your objectives

  • Full KPI analysis

  • Personalized dashboards

  • Delivery of one campaign/concept

  • 2 hourly meetings

  • Unlimited e-mail support