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Catalina Zbar

Certified Business Consultant

MINDBODY-Certified Business Consultant 3

Catalina Zbar is a business consultant for fitness studios and a Health & Wellness enthusiast. She lives in Toronto with her husband, daughter and son. 


Originally from Argentina, Catalina spent 10 years working in Europe, developing and implementing operational and cultural change in the financial services sector. While in London, Catalina became increasingly involved in the fitness industry, becoming a certified STOTT pilates instructor and providing consulting services to a number of award-winning boutique fitness studios.

Catalina's consultancy, Telomere Consulting, provides strategic planning, business evaluation, and marketing services that enable growth and development. Catalina also coaches her clients on strategies for retention, pricing, sales, and the creation of new revenue streams.


Catalina's experience working with a multitude of studios worldwide, and adapting to their unique cultures and values allows her to bring global best practices to her work and help her clients thrive.  Telomere aims to provide studio owners with clear frameworks that will improve their clients' experience and the studio's bottom line.

Telomere provides strategic insights and advisory services to clients in the fitness and wellness industry.  We want to help you treat your business the way you would treat your body – making the right choices now to optimize its potential for a long and healthy life. Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes, like the plastic tips at the end of a shoelace. The length of telomeres are controlled by the presence of the enzyme telomerase – this is the enzyme we want to help you cultivate, to keep your business growing and multiplying in one of the world's largest and fastest growing industries.

Meet The Team

Caitlin Burns

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Caitlin is a marketing and Mindbody pro! Based in Toronto, her keen interest in the industry was born out of her parallel careers as a Pilates teacher, studio manager and freelance writer. She approaches her work with passion and creativity and brings over three years of industry knowledge to the table. In addition to helping studios thrive, Caitlin is a passionate anti-oppression and anti-racism activist in the movement space.


Hillary Gozigian

"Live less out of habit and more out of intent"

Hillary Gozigian - Hillary is a passionate yogi who loves using her experience as a studio manager to help boutique studios grow and thrive through integrated marketing strategy and cultivating a unique brand voice. Hillary lives in Brooklyn, with her husband, Ryan and loves to cook, travel, and spend time with her family in upstate NY! 

Katie Saylor

"Don't just survive, thrive!"

Katie is the social media manager for Telomere. She's 22 which makes her a zillenial (a cross between a millennial and gen-z) and she's obsessed with social media, especially IG and TikTok. Katie was born and raised in Western Maryland and went to college at Penn State. She's a 2021 graduate and got her degrees in psychology and public relations. She's currently living back home in Maryland with her dad, sister, boyfriend and new puppy, but starting in 2022, she will be living full time in a 28 foot travel trailer with her boyfriend and pup as they travel the US.


Nya Daley


Nya Daley (She/Her) is an Atlanta-based yoga teacher, social worker, and anti-racism educator. In 2019, she founded Soulga Yoga & Wellness, an inclusive wellness organization that nurtures the growth and thriving of BIPOC wellness facilitators through movement, education, and mentorship offerings. Nya has over 12 years of experience working in the social service sector with justice involved youth, families with child welfare involvement, and adults diagnosed with Developmental Disabilities. Nya facilitates Anti-Oppressive workshops for yoga and wellness studios, corporations, and small business owners interested in fostering more equitable work environments and wellness practices.


Gretchen George


Gretchen specializes in social media marketing using sales funnels and ads on Facebook and Instagram.
She has years of experience planning and placing digital ads (mobile, online, podcast, etc.) with five to six figure budgets for large and small businesses. This is her JAM! Her purpose is to serve business owners, women business owners, BIPOC business owners, entrepreneurs, podcasts, coaches, etc. who want to convert followers, listeners, fans, website visitors, etc. into sales, revenue, and loyal patrons.